The Trustees consider that in fulfilling the main aim of the Savoy Educational Trust, namely the advancement and development of education, training and qualifications within the hospitality industry, they are investing in both the present and future skills needs of the industry.

This is also in keeping with the government's plans to help develop a modern further education system that contributes fully to the nation's vocational skills. In working with interested bodies and partners, the Trustees are striving to make a tangible difference and impact on the continuing development of an industry that is both labour intensive and which plays such a significant role in the UK economy.

The Trustees try to ensure they do all they can to support initiatives that help to bridge the gap and give a smooth a transition as possible from education to the workplace.  They are committed to ensuring that hospitality education remains coherent, relevant and fit for purpose.

Bearing the above in mind, the Trust can do this by:
  1. Establishing and maintaining contacts with schools, colleges, universities and other providers of recognised qualifications for those studying for careers in the hospitality industry.
  2. Promoting and providing scholarships to help develop and enhance education, training and continual professional development.
  3. Recognising and rewarding the achievement of specific skills by supporting the leading industry competitions with educational scholarships and prizes.
  4. Encouraging and sponsoring further learning opportunities relevant to the industry by all modern forms of technology and communication.
  5. Attending meetings with a network of key people in the industry on current matters affecting education, training and issues such as skills development, recruitment and retention.


The Savoy Educational Trust is registered as an independent charity no 1161014 (England and Wales). The wording "Savoy Educational Trust" and the logo are the trademarks of the Savoy Educational Trust.

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the board of trustees

  • Robert Davis MA MBE DL
  • Howard Field FCA FIH FHOSPA
  • Dr Sally Messenger FIH
  • Professor Peter Jones MBE
  • Stephen Lowy
  • David Taylor MI, FIH
  • Bill Toner

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Chief Executive

  • Angela Maher

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