The Trustees consider that the evaluation of a project is extremely important and great emphasis is placed on this for all grants awarded.

Grant monitoring is undertaken both to measure the impact the Trust's funds have made to the project and to review and determine future funding. The evaluation process also helps to identify whether the targets outlined in the original application have been met. All grant recipients are required to download and complete the Trust evaluation form. This should be signed, dated and returned as a hard copy as indicated on the form, together with all supplementary evidence related to the grant, for example, photographs or feedback forms.  Please ensure you download the latest evaluation form and do not use one previously stored on your system.


When applicable, we encourage applicants to mention the Trust's support of the project in appropriate terms in publications, websites, events and other publicity. We would draw your attention to the fact that both the logo and the wording 'The Savoy Educational Trust' are registered trade marks. Should you wish to use the logo and wording 'The Savoy Educational Trust' on any such material, there are certain protocols you must follow. For further details please contact us at [email protected] 

We may wish to use some of the photographic images in our publicity material. Could you please therefore complete an Image Consent Form, sign it and post it to us, together with electronic copies of your images. Please inform us of the steps you have taken to publicise the grant, including press releases, information on your website etc and outline any other coverage you are aware of e.g. social media, press cuttings, radio or TV mentions. Full details of any publicity received for your project should be detailed and submitted to the Trust with the completed evaluation form