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EXCITING NEWS! WE ARE MOVING OUR APPLICATION PROCESS ONLINE AND WE HOPE TO HAVE THE NEW SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING SOON. PLEASE CHECK BACK REGULARLY FOR FURTHER UPDATES ON WHEN APPLICATIONS WILL REOPEN, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE WHILE WE UNDERTAKE THIS WORK Applications for funding normally come from educational establishments with a hospitality department, hospitality related associations, or charitable trusts. Please click on the relevant category for further information. The Savoy Educational Trust takes the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults seriously and we expect organisations applying for our funding to have a safeguarding policy which is up-to-date and relevant to their beneficiaries.

educational / associations / charitable trusts

  1. In the first instance you should submit a one page outline of the project to the address given on the contact page. At this stage give a brief synopsis of the project and include the following:-
    • (a) Brief description of your organisation
    • (b) Main objectives/needs/sustainability of the project
    • (c) Total cost of the project
    • (d) The funding already in place and/or you are hoping to source
    • (e) The amount you will be applying for from this Trust and how the funds will be used
    • (f) Why it is important that you receive funding from the Trust
  2. Once the outlined information has been received you will then be informed whether you should proceed to the next stage where you will be required to download and complete the Trust application form. In some cases applicants will be asked to provide supplementary evidence in the form of a letter or report from an unrelated party to help quantify, qualify or generally expand on the reasons given for the application.
  3. Trustee meetings have previously been held in March, June, September and December.  Completed forms must be returned at least six weeks before the date of the meeting at which your application will be considered.  Details will be given to you at the appropriate stage and you must ensure that you adhere to deadlines.  
  4. In 2024 the Trustee meetings will be held on the 13th March, 12th June, 20th September and the 4th December.  

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 Individuals undertaking a hospitality related degree course or a craft course can apply to the Trust, via his/her college, for a small grant of usually not more than £500 to help with fees or to purchase items required for the course such as books, uniform and practical equipment.

If you think you are eligible for an individual grant you should initially speak to your lecturer or student services department within your college and ask them to apply in writing to the address given on the  Contact Us page. 

If we invite them to proceed on your behalf, they will be required to complete a form and to provide a reference for you and explain why you are applying for a grant and what the funds would be used for.  It should be noted that if your application is successful the grant will not be awarded directly to you but to your place of study, training provider or supplier for your benefit. 

For your information Trustee meetings are held in March, June, September and December. Completed forms and references must be returned at least five weeks before the date of the meeting at which your application will be considered. Details will be given to your college with the application form. 

We do not offer funding to students undertaking a non hospitality related course and/or students studying hospitality at a private institution.  

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This scheme is funded in partnership with the Worshipful Company of Innholders. The purpose of the Scholarships is to introduce middle management in the hospitality industry to senior/general management techniques by exposure to short intensive courses of management education, thereby providing experience, skills and training not readily available in the workplace.

As most large companies have structured management development programmes, the majority of candidates will come from the independent sector where the absence of formal training programmes and economic pressures on time make it difficult for them to receive a formal training by conventional routes.

Candidates will be active middle managers in the hospitality industry likely to be promoted to senior/general management within 3-5 years. It is expected that most candidates will have had a formal education and will hold a degree in hotel management (or similar), however, managers who have attained their positions through a company scheme would not be excluded if they could demonstrate aptitude and attitude for promotion. Candidates will have had at least four years experience in management and therefore the likely age range is 27-35. 

Winners of the Scholarships can undertake a two-week course at Cranfield University or Cornell University. Alternatively some scholarship winners may be offered the opportunity to attend a number of modules at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne.

This scholarship has a dedicated website. Please go to for further details.

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competitions & prizes

 The Trustees recognise the importance of rewarding those who demonstrate good practice and aspire to further their development by entering various industry competitions.

All enquiries and entries for competitions and prizes should be directed at the relevant competition organiser.

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