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Welcome to the homepage of the Savoy Educational Trust.

Our aim

The Savoy Educational Trust is an independent grant giving charitable trust whose main aim is the advancement and development of education, training and qualifications for the benefit the UK hospitality industry. At the Trust, we are passionate about fostering the growth and excellence of individuals working in (or aspiring to work in) hospitality, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Our mission

Our mission is to make a tangible difference and impact on the development of the UK hospitality industry via the grants we provide and the initiatives we support.

Our trustees are committed to investing in both the present and future skill needs of this important sector of the UK economy in order to ensure a robust pipeline of talented individuals who wish to pursue a rewarding, long-term career in hospitality.

Our grants

In pursuit of our mission, the Savoy Educational Trust makes grants to educational establishments, charitable and not-for-profit organisations and relevant industry associations. The Trust seeks to support projects that are focused on enhancing the education of young people through the continued development of their individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding in subjects relating to the hospitality industry, this includes industry competitions and/or scholarships that seek to challenge individuals to achieve within their profession.