Savoy Educational Trust Grant Terms and Conditions

By accepting a grant from the Savoy Educational Trust (the Trust), you agree to the following general terms and conditions. Any changes or additions to these will be set out in your grant confirmation email (please keep this email for your records). From time to time we update our terms and conditions so please read this information carefully before making an application.

The Trust reserves the right to reclaim some, or all, of your grant if your organisation does not meet the requirements set out in these terms and conditions. This also applies if your organisation does not meet any specific requirements that apply to your grant. These will be made clear in your grant confirmation email.

Use of grants

  • Our trustees have approved your grant based on the information you provided in your funding application. Your grant can only be used for the purposes outlined in your application. If there are any specific conditions or restrictions, these will be made clear in your grant confirmation email.
  • If you are unable to use your grant as outlined in your application, please contact the Trust immediately. We will discuss your situation and agree a way forward.
  • If you are not going to be able to complete your project within your grant period, please get in touch with us immediately. We can discuss this with you and, if possible, agree a grant extension.
  • We understand that projects sometimes change as they develop. It is important that you inform us immediately of any proposed changes so we can approve these. If changes happen without our agreement, we reserve the right to reclaim some, or all, of your grant.
  • If we offer a grant towards operating/core costs, the expenditure must be solely used for the purposes agreed. You must not use your grant for any of the following:
  • endowment appeals
  • building up reserves
  • paying off loans
  • feasibility studies
  • staff redundancies
  • insolvency costs
  • If, for any reason, you cannot spend your grant within the grant period, please contact us to agree how the underspend is to be handled.
  • The Trust may ask for the repayment of a grant if you become insolvent or go into administration, receivership or liquidation.


Evaluation reports are how we learn about the impact of our funding and are a requirement for any grant awarded. By accepting our grant, you agree to report back on how your organisation has spent the money. You can download our evaluation report here. We require the following for our different grant types:

  • Single-year grants

We require an evaluation report to be submitted at the end of your grant period. Typically this is 12 months from the date your grant is paid. If we require more regular grant reports this will be made clear in your grant confirmation email. If your project ends sooner than you originally planned, you are welcome to send in your end of grant report, but your grant period will remain a minimum of 12 months from the date of your grant confirmation email. We will confirm when your evaluation report is due in your grant confirmation email.

  • Multi-year grants

We require an evaluation report every 12 months from the date the first grant is paid until the end of your grant period. If we do not receive these reports we are not able to release your subsequent grant payments. At the end of your grant period we will require a final evaluation report.

  • Major grants

In the event of a substantial grant award that spans one or more years, we reserve the right to request additional interim reporting processes. These may include but are not limited to, a requirement to submit quarterly written updates and/or for the grant recipient to attend a trustee meeting to present on progress to-date. Any additional reporting conditions will be outlined in your grant confirmation email.


We expect our grant holders to have appropriate safeguarding policies in place. By accepting this grant, you confirm that your organisation will:

  • Comply with such laws and practice for the duration of the grant period of the funded project.
  • Exercise appropriate oversight of any downstream personnel or organisations.
  • Inform us of any serious incident report your organisation makes to the Charity Commission (or equivalent in Scotland or Northern Ireland) during your grant period, or of any serious incidents that meet this threshold if you are not regulated by the Charity Commission.

Image usage and consent

By accepting a grant from the Trust you are consenting to allow the storage and use of images associated with your project in our printed publications, on our website and in other electronic forms of communication. Copies of these images will be stored and transferred electronically in accordance with GDPR regulations.

By accepting the grant and the associated image permissions, you are confirming that you have sought the appropriate consent for use of images supplied to us and confirm ownership of copyright, or that you have sought permission from the copyright owner. In addition, you are also confirming that your organisation already holds, or has obtained, the necessary consents from the parents/guardians of the young people under the age of 16 who may appear in any relevant photographs shared with us for storage and dissemination.

Acknowledging the Trust’s support

We encourage applicants to acknowledge the Trust’s support in an appropriate and timely way. We appreciate that how this is done will depend on the nature of your organisation and its work. Please contact us at [email protected] for information about our publicity protocols and for access to an electronic version of the Trust logo. We are always happy to provide a quote for articles or publications and you can contact us for this on the email address above.

For large grants we will discuss acknowledgement options with you as appropriate, depending on your organisation and its work. Examples may be naming a space within a building, or of a particular project or scholarship.

Last updated: December 2023